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 Ubora's Shipping Corporation Main Policies

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PostSubject: Ubora's Shipping Corporation Main Policies   Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:09 pm

Firearms policy:

Workers are only allowed to carry a colt or a shotgun if allowed to during deliveries for security.
If workers are spotted carrying any type of illegal firearm, they will be fired on the spot or exceptions can be taken.


Narcotics policy:

Workers are only allowed to have legal drugs. If spotted using or carrying illegal narcotics, they will be fired on the spot or
exceptions can be taken.


Proper behavior to observe during deliveries:

- Workers must be seen helping each other. Those slacking will be warned and worse, fired.
- Workers must observe professionalism in our clients' presence.
- Workers must not touch or take anything they aren't supposed to.
- Workers must follow high ranking employees present in deliveries.
- Workers must be wearing the right uniform.


Proper behavior at company warehouses:

- Workers must not roam around restricted areas like the Board of Director's offices.
- Workers, if caught stealing, they will be fired on the spot.
- Workers must report any illegal activities to high command, failure to do so will result to termination or exceptions can be taken.
- Workers must not have any illegal deals in the warehouse.
- Workers must maintain cleanliness.
- Workers aren't allowed to smoke around the No-Smoking-Area zones.
- Workers must park their cars at the Employees' Parking Space.
- Workers must treat each other nicely.
- Workers must be in their uniforms.


Behavior outside the warehouses.

- Workers must be mature even outside the company's properties or even when they're off duty.
- Workers, if caught doing acts of corruption by the IA, they will be fired or warned.
- Workers, if caught doing illegal deals outside the company's properties, they will be fired or warned.
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Ubora's Shipping Corporation Main Policies
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